How I got the shot | Groom Details

Name: Cinnamon Wolfe

Business Name: Cinnamon Wolfe Photography

Brief story behind the photo: This is a groom detail shot from a wedding I 2nd shot with a friend. We were at a venue in the Poconos and were capturing bride and groom details in the hotel room while everyone was still getting ready at the salon. 

Camera: Canon 5d Mark iii

Lens: Sigma Art 35 mm 1.4

All exif data:  2.2 | 1/400 | 800 - all natural light 

Why did you use these settings: : It was a very cloudy day and we were next to a big grove of trees so even though we were outside the light available was still pretty dim. I normally shoot my 35mm between 2.0 and 2.8 when shooting details so I chose my aperture first and then ISO and dialed in the correct shutter speed for proper exposure. I exposed for the couch since that was essentially the lightest portion of the image. 

Thought process behind the photo: This was at a wedding I 2nd shot for a friend of mine. It was dreary and rainy outside and the hotel rooms we were in had green walls and low light. I took a couch cushion out on the patio right outside the room because it was grey and had a nice texture. When the grooms shoes are black it can sometimes be hard to 1) not have glare 2) get appropriate contrast between the shoes and whatever the shoes are on. 
I shot the shoes, tie, cufflinks and rings all on the same cushion out on the patio. The cushion was on a chair and even though it was sprinkling, it didn't affect the shots.

Editing done on the photo: Minimal editing. I applied my standard import preset which tightens everything up and then I desaturated a little bit of the blues since they were reflecting in the black shoes. 


Cinnamon is a family and wedding photographer based out of Northern New Jersey. She loves her Army husband her goofy pups and all things navy and white striped. She has a passion for marriage and wants all of her couples to have the easiest and funnest wedding day possible. 

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