How I got the Shot - Details

Name: Brittani McFadden

Business Name: Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Why did you take this photo? : No wedding day is complete without a gorgeous ring shot right?! We captured this photo of all three rings for our couple to see the tokens they selected to symbolize their commitment

Camera: Nikon d750

Lens: 105mm f2.8

All exif data: fstop 5.6, 1/160, ISO 1600

Why did you use these settings? : I was indoors by a window so I knew I needed a higher ISO to get as much light in the photo as I wanted. I also know from experience the lower f-stop I shoot with on a macro lens, the harder it is to get the WHOLE ring in focus. So I always start with as high of and f-stop I can manage with the lighting situation. I usually prefer to shoot with a shutter speed above 1/200 so as to avoid shake, but I needed to let in a little more light and landed with this shot at 1/160.

Thought process behind the photo: We were in a relatively dark hotel room with one main window and not only yellow walls, but also red walls, with blue accents. None of these colors were colors in the wedding so I knew I needed to find a neutral spot to take details. I found a side table with a glass top (and took the lamp and phone off of it :P) before scooting it closer to the window. I placed the rings on the table and tested a few shots, but I could see that darn yellow wall. I added the veil in the background to create a more neutral photo to highlight the rings!

Editing of the photo: : I really didn't do much additional editing to this photo other than my normal presets. I generally bring down the highlights and bring the darks up a little. I did desaturate the yellows and some of the reds to make sure I didn't have any color casts from those walls.

diamond engagement ring, wedding band and grooms band sitting on a mirrored surface

3 sentence bio about you/your business: We are a Philadelphia photography company and specialize in weddings and engagements! We focus on capturing light, timeless and prismatic images that reveal the true emotion of a wedding day! We currently shoot a majority of our weddings in Pennsylvania with most being in the Philadelphia suburbs. 

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