How I got the shot | Couple in the Woods

Name: Marquette Mower

Business Name: Marquette LaRee

Why did you take this photo? : Randi and Porter are a very expressive couple. We spent most of their engagement session laughing, running, spinning, and talking. While this is very much who they are, they also would have moments of quiet connection where they melted into each other. Those moments were sweet and intimate; I felt almost like an intruder being there as they would just melt together and connect. I knew I wanted one of these moments captured in a way that really focused on them and the love they have for each other.

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: Sigma 85mm 1.4

All exif data: f/2.5, 1/125, ISO-320, no flash

Why did you use these settings? : With the thick stand of Aspens, I wanted them to take center stage in the photo. With their darker outfits I needed their surroundings to be light, and for the depth of field to be shallow so that the trees melted away behind them.

Thought process behind the photo: When we came on a fallen log, I knew this would get them up and out of the ferns and give a different perspective than we'd been getting. I had them hop up on the log and then I backed up the little hill behind me. From there I told them that we'd just done a lot of fun shots, but that for this set I wanted them to snuggle in, melt into each other, and connect. I'd seen them take moments like this earlier, so I knew I didn't want to coach them into something that wasn't them, and started with simple directions. They did just that. They leaned into each other and were home. With the framing, I grabbed a few full body shots, but the log and ferns ended up being distracting and took away from them and their emotion. So I went further up the hill, framed it to show just them and the trees, and got this shot. This held the emotion I was working for.

Editing of the photo: In Lightroom, I ended up cooling the temperature down a little, upping the overall exposure, and then darkening shadows to get this end result. I wanted it to be light, but not too airy.

How I got the shot | Couple in the Woods

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