How I got the Shot | Central Park at Night

Name: Amy Rizzuto

Business Name: Amy Rizzuto Photography

Why did you take this photo? : It was the couple's wedding day! They didn't want to do a first look, and they got married at 7pm in December. I was excited and nervous to capture all night portraits but I am happy with the way they turned out.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Lens: 35mm

All exif data: f-stop- 2.2 , ISO-3200, shutter speed- 1/100, flash power- 9

Why did you use these settings? : I wanted the photo to have a soft, romantic look, even though it was a night portrait. I raised my iso and lowered my shutter speed intentionally to allow for the ambient light under the terrace to still be present, rather than losing it with too strong of a flash. I also had the second speed light pretty far behind the couple so that the light would spread and illuminate the snow on the ground.

Thought process behind the photo: Jessika and Vincent had one of those magical weddings: a day filled with so much beauty and romance that my heart wanted to burst with happiness. The snow started that morning. As I watched it slowly cover New York City with a silky white blanket, I sent up a quick thank you. I had been praying for snow all week (I even considered making fake snow).

After Jessika and Vincent exchanged vows by candlelight in the Central Park Boathouse, we headed outside for some intimate portrait time. I had been visualizing a specific photo I wanted to capture all week; now it was just time to execute it. 

Placing the couple in front of the snow-dusted arches of Bethesda Terrace (I love the ambient light underneath this iconic location), I asked my second shooter, Mekina Saylor, to stand about 10 feet behind them with a Speedlight synced to the Speedlight on my camera. I wanted the backlight of the flash to illuminate the tiny flakes still falling from the sky. I clicked the shutter and was overwhelmed with joy at the result!"

Editing of the photo:  I wanted my editing to enhance the photo, not change the look of it. I brightened and warmed it a little, slightly increased the contrast, and did a some dodging and burning around the corners to bring the focus to the couple!

How I got the shot | Central park at night

Amy Rizzuto is an international wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the true spirit and authentic beauty of adventurous couples in love. She loves Jesus, sipping chocolate chai tea by the fire, and going on long runs. She also has a not so secret obsession with Harry Potter. Serving the greater NYC area and destinations worldwide.

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