How I got the shot | Celebration

Name: Jill Gum

Business Name: Jill Gum Photography

Why did you take this photo?: Rebecca and Matthew had their ceremony aisle lined in gorgeous light pink petals. Right when I saw them, I knew I wanted to use them for another purpose to give them a really special and fun portrait on their wedding day- so during family formals, we asked the groomsmen to collect them in a couple of bags so we could bring them to their sunset portraits!

Camera: 5D Mark III

Lens: 85mm 1.2

All exif data: IS 200, f/1.8, 1/1250, Natural light

Why did you use these settings?: I shot this at 1.8 because I knew I wanted there to be some good bokeh to show the depth in the petals and also get that glowy skin I love. The rest of the settings just corresponded with that most important setting to get proper exposure!

Thought process behind the photo: I knew I wanted to do this shot near sunset for that golden light everyone loves! The sun is coming in from an angle behind them so that there isn't too much flare (which can cause a lack of crispness and focus). I decided that unlike most petal pictures I see, I wanted the "throwers" to be a part of it (these bridesmaids were FABULOUS, lovely, and in the most gorgeous gowns!). I love the joy on their faces, and think they add a lot to the image (but that is personal preference!). This was our 3rd attempt at this image to get the petals just right! What we found in this situation was that everyone had to throw them at different heights to begin with- or they all fell in one large clump!

Editing of the photo:  Very minimal- added in just a little fill light and brought down my darks a bit to keep a little pop in the image. That is all!

Bride and Groom in beautiful light with petals being thrown

3 sentence bio about you/your business: Jill is a wedding photographer, blogger, and educator in Central Illinois. She also a wife, mother, and an industry encourager. She shoots in the midwest and beyond, and believes in serving your clients better so you can live your life better! You can find her @jillgumphotography on instagram, Jill Gum Photography on facebook, or at

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