How I got the shot - B&W Wedding

Name: Christina Sheehan

Business Name: Christina Julia Photography

Why did you take this photo?: Some of my favorite kinds of images to take are the quiet moments between all the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. I love capturing the Bride and Groom when they're laughing and moving around but it's those quiet moments that I really look for that I think just round out a portrait session. To me, those photos are the most tender and dear.

Camera: Canon 5d Mark iii

Lens: 85mm

All exif data: ISO 100
f / 2.8
1/200 sec

Why did you use these settings? : I usually underexpose my images while editing so even though the day was cloud covered and rainy I knew that keeping my ISO at 100 was where I wanted to be to give me the desired effect. I tend to shoot 90% of a wedding day at f / 2.8, there's something about that the creaminess that I get and my couples stand out ability against the bokeh that really lends itself to the style I like. Knowing these two pieces basically right away I was able to fit my shutter speed in without much thought and because my subject wouldn't be moving much I didn't have to toggle with my settings that much more to get what I wanted.

Thought process behind the photo: I knew I wanted to shoot from a slightly more elevated level than them so when we found ourselves on the steps of the historic Second Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I knew it would provide the perfect set up I needed for the shot. I like to allow my couples to be themselves, act themselves, and show their personalities while I shoot them. I find that too much directing takes away from those pieces and doesn't genuinely showcase my couples in the way that they naturally interact. For this photo in particular I just wanted Dayana to relax and mold herself against Kevin in her own way. I gave her a slight direction to just slide up to him and just rest. Her final position and facial expression was what she naturally fell into and it was in those moments that I captured this image. The look of contentment and happiness on her face is exactly what I was hoping to capture.

Editing of the photo: I knew almost immediately that I wanted to put this photo into black and white. I use black and white a lot in my photo editing and it's something I think my couples come to know and expect from me. They're a huge part of my story-telling in a gallery and have this way of really memorializing moments in time. I typically tend to bring down my blacks and shadows and only slightly toggling with the exposure if I need to. One of my musts when editing a black and white is grain. I also use grain in my color editing but during a black and white edit I am more specific about how much I like visible. To me, grain adds this rawness that I feel compliments those authentic moments during my sessions so it's very important for me to get it just right.

How I got the Shot - black and white photo of bride and groom

3 sentence bio about you/your business: Hi, I'm Christina and I'm a wedding, portrait, elopement, and destination wedding photographer specializing in authentic, lovely, intimate, and documentary style captures! I love capturing couples who believe holding hands is the best medicine, laughing out loud keeps the doctor away, and snuggles aren't just for rainy days. I'm fueled by coffee, tacos, and a book to keep me energized while meeting new people and exploring new places!

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