How I got the shot | Butterfly Girl

Name: Rosemary Green

Business Name: Rosemary Green Photography

Why did you take this photo?: This was taken during a fall family session. We had initially talked about doing a posed Christmas photo of three children as part of the session but it turned into a more documentary style session. The oldest of the three (pictured) had picked her own (totally awesome) outfit that morning and wasn't into changing into matching Christmas clothing. It was super warm for a fall day and she was wearing a neon pink and silver leotard with with red and and purple tights. The butterfly sticker was her accessory for the day and the first thing she pointed out when I arrived. 

When I took this shot I was just hanging out with the girls on the swing set and letting them forget they were being photographed.

Camera: Canon 5DmIII

Lens: 50mm 1.4

All exif data: 1/640 f2.8 ISO 400, Natural light

Why did you use these settings?: I typically shoot around 2.2 to 2.8 for solo portraits and for this I chose 2.8 so I had a bit of wiggle room for her moving back and forth on the swing. Once the aperture was set I chose a faster shutter speed to stop any motion. The ISO was chosen last to properly expose the image in camera.

Thought process behind the photo: The girls were having fun making silly faces at the camera so I moved to the swings so that they had something to do other to take their mind off the pictures. When I captured this image we were just hanging out chatting. I had been taking turns pushing them on the swings and they were totally in their element and telling me about something they did earlier that day. She just happened to settle into this pose when she was listening to her sister. 
With little kids I always find that when they feel like I'm just there to play is when I get the shots that show their personality the best.

Editing of the photo: I like my images to be a little bit on the brighter side and for the colors to be pop a little bit. To do this I try to start with a properly exposed image and then bring the mid tones up a bit. After I do that I usually take the blacks down a bit. For this one I brought the highlights down slightly to keep the skin tones soft. I also warmed everything up a bit by adjusting to kelvin and adding some split toning.

backlit young girl on a swing with a butterfly on her forehead

3 sentence bio about you/your business: I'm a New Jersey based portrait and wedding photographer. I love love and the little moments. Cape Cod is my happy place and ice cream is my favorite food group. 


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