How I got the shot | Bride/Groom Veil

Name: Misty Christensen

Business Name: Misty C. Photography

Why did you take this photo?: We had just a short amount of time for bride and groom formals, and we were freezing!! It was a cold day, and the breeze made it colder, so I knew we had to get done quickly before my bride froze!

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: Sigma 50 1.4 ART

All exif data: f/1.6, 1/1000, ISO 400

Why did you use these settings? : I didn't want quite as shallow of a depth of field as 1.4 would give me, but I didn't quite want to go to 1.8, so 1.6 it was.

Thought process behind the photo: I had been seeing some AMAZING shots of a bride and groom with the brides veil swooping in for composition purposes, but I wanted to do something a little different. I had them stand so she was faced away from him, and then used the veil to not only cause the viewers eye to go to them, but also to frame her face! First I started the shot with a 35, but wasn't getting it quite how I wanted to I switched to the 50 and BOOM! It happened.

Editing of the photo: I just edited it with my general preset in Lightroom-adjusting the shadows and highlights and tonal curve, nothing crazy. Made the greens more minty. Increased the luminance of the oranges just a little.

How I got the shot | Bride/Groom Veil

I'm a wedding photographer out of central Washington. I love elephants, adventures, my 2 year old, and my hubby. And I love summer time.

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