Welcome to your client resources page!

This page is intended to be a resource for you during our time working together. You'll likely find that the longer we work together the less you will need to reference this page, but it is here for you no matter what. If at any time you are uncertain about how to update me on your schedule, drop a wedding or get your completed wedding back into your lightroom catalog, this is the page to check first! 



Once you have signed your contract/agreement our process of working together begins! My goal is to make the system as simple as possible to avoid any confusion about what exactly needs to be done on your end. Here is a high level view of the process itself from start to finish with more info/videos down below!

Step 1 : You enter all of your wedding/session dates that you need edited by me for the year on to your google sheet. This is extremely important as this is the way that I know what to add to my calendar to ensure I am able to keep up with return times. 

**** If at any time you have a change, you NEED TO UPDATE YOUR SHEET as soon as possible. If a wedding is canceled or you are adding or removing a wedding (see agreement for more info on fees for removing) 

Step 2 : Upload any presets you currently use into your Dropbox folder. If you change or update your presets throughout the year, please send me an email letting me know what has changed and upload the new presets into your Dropbox folder. 

Step 3 : You shoot the wedding/session, cull and edit a specific set of "anchor" images for me to utilize while editing the remainder of your gallery. Mark the "anchor" images in some way (color, stars, flag) so that I know explicitly which images are your final edits. 

Step 4 : You export your catalog into your Dropbox folder utilizing the NAME of the couple and the DATE of the session 

Step 5 : Send me an email letting me know the catalog is ready and any notes or things to look out for when I am going through the catalog

Step 6 : Enjoy your day not sitting in front of the computer editing!!

Step 7 : Once your gallery is complete, you’ll receive an email letting you know it is done and if there are any notes.  



Many times during the course of working together, things might come up that interfere with the process or cause some "tech" confusion. Here are some of the more common things that might happen and solutions to each problem. 

Make sure Dropbox is downloaded on to your computer.

The entire process from start to finish is much easier if you have dropbox downloaded on to your computer. Here is a video walking you through that.


Dropbox runs out of space

Catalogs and previews files can be relatively large so depending on how much available space you have in your dropbox, this will sometimes be an issue. 


  • Upgrade your dropbox to have ample space to work with

  • Ensure you are clearing out catalogs or files that may be large in size that you no longer need to be in your dropbox folder 


As with most things having to do with Lightroom, there are numerous ways to do the same thing and achieve the same result. Typically people utilize Lightroom in one of two ways: they have ONE main catalog in which they keep all of their weddings/sessions OR they create a new catalog for every wedding/session. 

Exporting your catalog into your Dropbox folder will differ depending on which system you already follow. 



Once I am done with the photos and I’ve sent you an email letting you know they are ready you can do a couple of things to finish the process.

1) Simply copy/paste the catalog file and all corresponding files (smart previews file, previews file and helper file) back on to your desktop or external hard drive (wherever you keep your catalogs.) REMEMBER- catalog version is important. If you originally exported out of a catalog…the catalog coming from dropbox is NEW and replaces that old catalog.

2) Open up your original catalog (on your hard drive or desktop) and IMPORT from the catalog that is saved on dropbox. This will simply import the changes I made back into your original catalog. Once that is done and you have confirmed the imports, you can simply delete the files out of dropbox as they are no longer necessary.