The Cinnamon Circle

Thank you so much for trusting me to lead you through this process of coaching and masterminding!

I am honored and humbled that you have decided to not only invest in me, but invest in yourself and join this group in order to make some real steps forward when it comes to running and growing your business.

You may find our time together for these next few months to be challenging, intense and maybe even a little uncomfortable at times. However if you stay dedicated, show up both mentally and physically and commit to doing the work, your business AND your life will ONLY benefit from the work we are going to do together.

I’m not here to do the work for you, but I am committed to being super open, honest and straightforward, and I want to see you achieve as much progress and success as possible. I am here for you as a sounding board, coach and trusted advisor throughout this time together. I can’t wait to get started!

Cheering you on like a crazy person :-)


General Survey

Please take a moment to fill out this survey with as much information as possible. This will take around 20-30 min to fill out and there is some potential work to do around determining your personality types/descriptors. So make sure to read thoroughly before you begin answering.

Please have this survey complete and submitted by September 30th, 2019.

The Cinnamon Circle

This program entails weekly calls throughout our 16 weeks together. We will have group coaching calls, hot seat/mastermind calls and 1:1 calls.

***Please read thoroughly ****

Attendance on the calls is strongly encouraged. We will all get the most out of this group experience by showing up for each other. Masterminds don’t work unless the minds are in attendance. Of course, we understand that emergencies or uncontrollable situations come up, but the expectation remains that you will make every effort possible to attend the weekly calls.

Group Coaching Calls:

60 min. These calls will be education based and led by Cinnamon. We will dive into specific subjects and break them down into manageable steps that each member can implement right away. Subjects will be determined closer to program start and will be based on members needs as gathered through survey.

Hot Seat/Mastermind Calls:

60 min. Being in the hot seat sounds scary but it is honestly where the most progress is made. For each call, four group members will bring forth an issue they are dealing with and the rest of the group will hot seat them for 20 min.

This is a dedicated time to get 8 brains working on your business.

There will be two hot seat calls per month so each member will get 1 hotseat slot of time per month during the program.

1:1 Calls:

45- 60 min. Dedicated 1:1 time for each member with Cinnamon to discuss their specific needs/questions. Call must be scheduled by each member by the 2nd week of each month and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. If member does not schedule the call for the month by the 2nd week of the month, they forfeit the call for that month.

The Cinnamon Circle

Week of January 20th

Hotseat/Mastermind Call

Week of January 27th

1:1 calls

Week of February 3rd

Group Coaching Call (subject TBD)

Week of February 10th

Hotseat/Mastermind Call

Week of February 17th

Hotseat/Mastermind Call

Week of February 24th

1:1 Calls

Week of March 2nd

Group Coaching Call - (subject TBD)

Week of March 9th

Final Hotseats/Mastermind (x2 if needed)

Week of March 16th

Wrap up 1:1 calls with members

Beginning of November (Nov 1-15)

30 min intro calls with Cinnamon (book here)

Week of November 18th

In person kick off event in Seattle

Week of November 25th

Thanksgiving (no calls)

Week of December 2nd

Group Coaching Call (subject tbd)

Week of December 9th

Hotseat/Mastermind Call (x2)

Week of December 16th

1:1 calls

Week of December 23rd & Dec 29th

Christmas & New Years (no calls)

Week of January 6th

Group Coaching Call - (subject TBD)

Week of January 13th

Hotseat/Mastermind Call

The Cinnamon Circle

The Cinnamon Circle in person kick off will take place in Seattle on November 19th & 20th, 2019!!

The ultimate objective of the in person kickoff will be to obtain clarity and confidence regarding your business objectives so that you will have a clear action plan for going forward.

This will be a time for us to get to know each other, work together as a group, set the foundation for the next few weeks and of course….to have some fun!!

Monday evening will be an informal dinner at the house so plan to arrive before 5pm if possible!

There will be a photographer & videographer with us the whole time. Each member will have a 30 min time slot on either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning for a branded photo/video session. So make sure you bring something on brand to wear for that!

Monday Nov 18th

  • Arrival day!!!

  • Dinner together at house after 5pm

  • Settle into house

Tuesday Nov 19th

  • 8am - Breakfast

  • 8:45 - Intro/Setting the stage

  • 9:30 - What am I even doing?: Defining your goals and your role

  • Noon - Lunch

  • 1-3pm - Individual coaching sessions/branding/video sessions (schedule)

  • 3:15 - Putting it all together: Action/Profit plan

  • 6pm - Dinner in town


  • 8-10am Individual coaching sessions/branding/video sessions (schedule)

  • 10:15 - Setting the foundation/Next Steps

  • 11:30-12 - Hot Seat instruction/Wrap Up

  • 12:30- Market for lunch

  • Afternoon : Sightseeing in town (In town activity/Dinner in the city)

Thursday - Say goodbyes!!

Meals/Food info

Included meals:

Dinner: Monday & Tuesday

Breakfast: Tuesday & Wednesday

Lunch: Tuesday

Drinks/snacks will be around the house as well!! Please fill out this form for your food and drink preferences

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Our communication will live in a private Facebook group + a group DM on Instagram. This will be our hub to communicate, ask questions, encourage each other, etc. The beauty of a small, intimate group is that you can get feedback from other members who are fully invested in YOUR success. We’re in this to grow TOGETHER. If you have a question, others are probably wondering the same thing. Don’t be afraid to ask inside of the Facebook community or group DM. It is a safe space to share!

The Cinnamon Circle


Any materials provided (handouts, recordings etc…) are strictly for personal use. Any of these items are not to be shared outside of the group.


What happens in the circle, stays in the circle. Feel free to talk about your membership in the group and how much you are learning, but anything shared within the group, stays in the group. Things may be shared within the group that are highly personal and private. We will fully respect all members privacy. No exceptions!


Due to the intimate nature of this group, things can get vulnerable and emotional. Please respect everyone and their journey. We have all had different experiences. The expectation is that we will all be courteous, respectful and open minded to those in the group.

Zero Tolerance

We respect all members of the circle and are focused on maintaining a safe, growth-centered environment. If any member is found violating any of the above guidelines, they will be terminated from the program without refund. We will do everything in our power to maintain a trusting, respectful group!