Finding Your Missing Files in Lightroom (video)

The dreaded question mark (?) and exclamation point(!) in Lightroom.

You ever have those come up in Lightroom and feel like the sky is falling? Admit it! You know you have.

You probably are dealing with them right now which is why you are here reading this blog post!

WELP, today is your lucky day friend. Let’s solve your problem!

Find Missing Files in LR-blog.jpg

How do I find missing files in Lightroom?

You know I got you on this! WAY to complicated to explain word for word so I made ya a quick 5 min video to show you exactly what you need to do.

In a few words though….this is almost always an issue of MOVING things around on your hard drive.

Lightroom points to folders…if you move those folders it gets confused and then freaks out and gets all (?!?!?!?!) so you just gotta repoint to the right place and everything will be alright with the world again.

Check out the video and happy re-connecting!!



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