Editing Your Capture Time in Lightroom (with Video)

Have you ever shot a wedding, got home, uploaded your cards and your 2nd shooters cards and to your utter horror, you realized you FORGOT to sync your camera times beforehand?

C’mon, admit it you know you’ve done it.

I mean, that’s probably why you are even here reading this blog post! But not to fear…you are not alone!!!

It’s the worst. The literal worst to have photos from a wedding all out of order.

Not only is it super time consuming and hard to edit that way, but then you have to deal with the issue of exporting and rearranging so that the photos aren’t all out of whack when you deliver them. Looking at photos when you don’t know what’s coming next just throws us all off, so viewing photos in the order they were taken really is the way to go when it comes to weddings.

So what do you do? It’s not like you can go back in time and magically sync your camera times. Or can you?

Sync times from different cameras in Lightroom

Sync camera times in Lightroom

Changing the capture time of your photos in Lightroom isn’t all that difficult from a technical perspective, but making sure you have the right things selected and also going through the process of deciding which time to change too can be a little quirky at first.

If you are dealing with two different types of cameras it can be a little easier, but when you run into the issue of two different cameras that are the same type that can get a little more tricky.

It’s pretty difficult to follow the instructions for doing this without SEEING it happen, so I made this video using one of my editing clients galleries.

There is a LOT going on in this gallery so it is a fantastic example to show going through the process of narrowing down the images you need to change, how to choose your time, how to select everything and then ultimately how to change the time. Once you’ve done it one or two times, you will be a pro at it! Pinky swear.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions below in the comments!

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