>>> You never know what to write.

>>> Are you even doing this right?

>>> No one even reads my blog.

>>> How do I even put a post together? 

Are you tired of a disorganized process that takes your photos from camera to blog post?

Do your fingers freeze as soon as you go to write about a session?

Are you frustrated because you don't really understand SEO and how it all works?

Need a blog post graphic that's optimized for sharing on social media, but haven't the first clue about design?

Not to worry, my friend! You are ready for a blogging breakthrough.

this Course takes care of it all

If you've been looking for a way to really understand the blogging process in order to create systems ...

If you want to feel more organized and confident, plus give your business a boost from killer SEO…

If you want to increase your bookings by turning your blog into a conversion machine….

this course will help you do exactly that! 

You can get your breakthrough for only $97!!!

What's included in the course? 

I'm glad you asked! 

1 • blog post templates

These templates take you through the entire structure of a blog post from the URL to tags and categories. Simply follow along with the template to ensure you are including everything that make a high performing, easy to read, well optimized (SEO) blog post that will thrill your clients, drive traffic to your site and help you convert readers to paying clients. 


Cinnamon Wolfe Icons - new-02.png

2 • Behind-the-Blog Toolbox

There's a lot of work that goes on before you hit publish on your post, from brainstorming ideas to prepping your images. These are the tools (aka worksheets, lists, and handy tips + tricks) you want in your behind-the-blog post toolbox:

  • Image sizing for blog posts

  • SEO tips for blog posts

  • 100 Blog ideas

  • Blog Strategy Worksheet


3 • Questionnaire templates

Writing up copy for client blog posts (weddings/engagements/family sessions etc...) is SO MUCH EASIER when they help you write the post!!!
These questionnaires are designed to help you get information from your clients that will ultimately help you to write up their blog post. Simply add these into your Client Mangement system of choice or simply send in an email. Then use the answers to help you in writing their blog post. 


4 • Blog Workflow

If all of the above isn't enough...these workflow guides will take you from start to finish. 

These workflows will help you think through the entire process from start to finish in order to create a SYSTEM that you can replicate for every single post. The power is in the system and once you have that down, you'll be a blogging MASTER! 


From Session to Publish

The first guide takes you through the entire workflow process from the actual session with your clients until you hit publish on their blog posts. 


From Idea to Publish

The second guide takes you from ideas you may have about blogging (posts about client education or posts to help drive traffic to your site) and takes you through that entire workflow from idea to publish.


5 • Blog post graphic templates

Templates for wedding and family photographers to help your posts
STAND out on social media and Pinterest

These easy-to-edit templates are formatted as a vertical and a square for optimal sharing across social media platforms. Simply change to your brand colors and fonts, place your photo in, and you've got yourself a blog post graphic! Not design savvy? That's okay! These even come with a handy how-to video to help you edit both the Illustrator and InDesign files.

Photo Session-Wedding-verical.jpg
Photo Session-Wedding-horizontal.jpg
Photo Session-Family-vertical.jpg
Photo Session-Family-horizontal.jpg

For Wedding Photographers

For Family Photographers

What are people saying?

The Blog Better Bundle is one of the most useful resources I've come across, and really breaks down the blogging process step-by-step. The guides, tips, and templates in this bundle saved me countless hours of research, and gave me the tools I needed to write and publish my very first blog post.  As I continue to build my blog, I find myself referring back to these materials over and over again - whether it's to find inspiration from the blogging ideas worksheet or to review the proper SEO tips and techniques. 

-Yumi Matsuo from Yumi Matsuo Photography

For only how much?

Included in the course, you get: 

From Session to Publish and From Idea to Publish E-books that walk you through the entire process, step by step. 

Blog post templates that you can follow every time you write a blog post, guaranteeing you include all essential aspects of a post

Behind the Blog Toolbox with my favorite one page guides with all the extra info you need

Questionnaire Templates to send to your clients so that they can essentially write your blog posts for you!
Wahhh??? Yep!!!

• ready made Blog Post Graphics so you don't have to re-create the wheel and you can get your blog posts on Pinterest to drive tons more traffic to your site!

all for only $97!

Alright! Are you ready to breakthrough?!?!