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Included in this E-Book is loads of information on each specific step in the process so you won't have to be guessing about anything. 

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Cinnamon, aren't the 30 steps in the checklist enough? 

If you are the type of person who looooves to DIY and figure out things on your own and tinker and tinker and tinker than yes, the 30 steps checklist is probably enough for you. Those 30 steps were instrumental in the start and growth of my own photography business and they can be for you as well. 

But if you are someone who values TIME and wants to make sure you are going about things the RIGHT WAY from the beginning, the E-Book is going to be a great choice for you. 

For less than $15 you can have the confidence to know that you can do this thing called running a photography business. You will have all of the information and tools necessary to get it off the ground and running....

the right way from the beginning!

When I was first starting out, I couldn't find a resource like this anyway. I was desperately looking for someone to just lay it all out for me. Exactly what I needed to do to get this business up and off the ground.

I was tired of spinning my wheels and wondering what I should be doing next! 

So I created this guide because I knew it would be invaluable for others looking to start their own photography businesses. I am a huge believer in sharing knowledge from experience in hopes to help someone else have at it a little easier than you did. I have had people do this for me throughout my life and I want to do it for others!

I know you can do this - like 100%

But there is NO harm in asking for a little help and guidance along the way. While I'm not able to sit in coaching sessions with hundreds of photographers, I am able to provide this information in a quick and easy to digest resource that can help you to stop wondering and start doing all for less than 30 buck!!

In addition.....because I want to provide the most value for you possible....

If you purchase this right now...you are gonna get a couple of super sweet bonuses!! I'm going to throw in the downloadable BUSINESS PLAN template from my shop ($27 value) AND my EMAIL TEMPLATES ($47 value)!!!! 


I know, that's probably crazy of me, but seriously, I want you to get started off on the right foot and all of this will help you to do that!!

Get everything RIGHT NOW for less than the normal price of the E-Book!

Say YES to your business!! 


I'm Cinnamon, like the spice

And I am the spice girl behind CinnamonWolfe.co. I am a former corporate gal turned photographer to educator to 6 figure business owners all while moving my business TWICE across the country. 

I did it, so I KNOW you can too and I want to help you on your journey!!!

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