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  • Need a website audit to make sure your website is effectively attracting your ideal client and/or utilizing appropriate calls to action? 

  • Need personal help figuring out your Squarespace site or how to blog better? 
  • Need help with general photography topics? Shooting/posing/editing/workflow? 

  • Want to get your business systems/processes in place? 

  • Want to set up an email list?

Let's set up a strategy session! 

Hourly rates or packages available based on project 

You know you want a website that you can fiddle with down the road when you want to make changes, but you don't necessarily want to set the whole thing up on your own. 

I can get you all set up and ready to go and give you resources and training so you will know how to fiddle when you need to in the future. Contact me and we can see if this option is right for you!