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  • Need help with general photography topics? Shooting/posing/editing/workflow? 

  • Want to get your business systems/processes in place? 
  • Want to set up an email list?
  • Need help figuring out Google Apps/Email/MailChimp/ConvertKit/Co-Schedule/17Hats etc....
  • Are you unsure about whether or not your website is effectively attracting your ideal client and/or utilizing appropriate calls to action? 
  • Need personal help figuring out the beast that is SEO? 

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You know you want a website that you can fiddle with down the road when you want to make changes, but you don't necessarily want to set the whole thing up on your own. 

I can get you all set up and ready to go and give you resources and training so you will know how to fiddle when you need to in the future. Contact me and we can see if this option is right for you! 

looking to tackle your Squarespace site on your own? My course might be a better option for you!! 

In addition to offering one on one and online education, I love speaking and teaching at industry conferences, workshops and events! My introverted journey from corporate life to accidental entrepreneur who is equally business minded as creative has given me a unique perspective on starting and running a business and I love sharing that perspective with others! 

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My favorite topics:

Becoming Besties with blogging + SEO

How to DITCH the comparison trap. Like for real

Networking for Introverts: Making powerful connections without being the loudest person in the room

Tackling adversity head on: Moving past perceived obstacles and growing your business

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