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Email templates

Use these as is, or tweak them to your liking. The more personal the better.
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blog graphics

Each template is formatted as a vertical and a square for optimal sharing across social media platforms. Click the links below to download the files.
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IG Quotes

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Art background images provided by my fabulous contributor, Hannah of Hannah Lowe Corman. Her IG handle is @hannahlowecorman. 

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Stock Images

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Questionnaire templates

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Family Session


Wedding Day Info

Wedding Vendor

Todoist Workflow Templates

Complete workflows • Tweak as you like

**More workflows coming soon**

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One thing Weekly 

I've been sending out weekly tips to The In Crowd since I launched this site. The goal is to have 52 amazing tips that will help you move your business forward! They are all housed below! 

Week 1 - Google Bookmarks Bar
Week 2 - Intro to Todoist
Week 3 - Instagram Landing Page
Week 4 - IG scheduling made eazzzzzy
Week 5 - No go days
Week 6 - Un-Sync in dropbox
Week 7 - Supply Closet info
Week 8 - Favorites in Finder
Week 9 - Real time view in Google Analytics
Week 10 - The best way to stay productive

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