Photographer Email Templates

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Photographer Email Templates


Email is one of the most repetitive tasks for small business owners and photographers that can take up a large portion of your time. 

Grab these email templates (18 total) for the most common questions that come through email so you can add them into your canned responses or client management system. Don't try to remember what to say every time, keep these on hand so you'll have a great response every single time within minutes! 

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***NOTE - these email templates ARE included in (The) Collection. These are not different or separate. If you are looking for the email templates ONLY, this would be the item you purchase! 

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Email responses include: 

Family & Wedding specific:

  • Initial Inquiry Response
  • Follow up after Pricing
  • Last follow up/Closeout inquiry
  • Client late on payment
  • Can I get the pricing someone else had?

General responses

  • Can I have the Raw images?
  • When others ask for the photo link
  • I am not a right fit for your wedding
  • I am not a right fit for your family session
  • You are too expensive
  • Can I break apart your packages?
  • Can I have a discount because I'm a friend of a friend?
  • Request for a review from a client

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